As was widely expected, Apple took to the stage yesterday and unveiled new versions both the iPad and the iPad Mini, while also renaming the 9.7″ model the “iPad Air”. As you can guess from the new name (and as you probably saw in all the leaks), the larger model has been shrunk down considerably in size and now resembles a bigger version of the iPad Mini.

Both models are now 7.5mm thick, which is a tiny increase for the Mini, but a near 2mm reduction in thickness for the iPad Air. The reductions don’t stop there with 16mm taken of the width and 183g shed in it’s weight loss program.

iPad side on


Inside there is the same A7 processor and M7 motion processor that’s found in the latest iPhones while screen resolution stays the same at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. The iPad Air will be available from November 1 with prices starting at €489 for the 16GB, WiFi model increasing all the way up to €879 for the 128GB, cellular model.

The iPad Mini, as we mentioned above, has gained a few extra tenths of a millimetre and also gained a shocking 23g in weight but for that small trade off you now get a Retina display. The display is the same 2,048 x 1,536 pixel size as it’s bigger brother but with the smaller screen size it comes in at a pretty impressive 326ppi. Also included is the same A7/M7 processor combo, a larger 23.8 watt hour battery and the option of 128GB’s of internal storage

ipad miniApple are being a little more vague with the release date of the Mini, just saying that it is coming later in November. Prices will start at €399 of the 16GB WiFi model and €519 for the cellular models which is a fair step up in price compared to last years models but you are getting a significant upgrade in terms of specs.

For existing iPad users, Apple pushed out an update last night to iOS 7.0.3 so check your devices update section in the settings menu.


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