‘Little Details’ is an interactive graphic novel developed for tablet devices by Hola Mariquita. Combining Artwork, Animation, Sound Design, Music and Interactive elements “Little Details” tells the story of Bella who upon discovering an old photograph finds herself on an adventure through the story behind the mysterious photo as she searches for its owner.

Hola Mariquita are Greg O’Brien, Fabrizio Valerio Covone and Aurora Pérez Machío. The three graduated in an MSc in Creative Digital Media in the Dublin Institute of Technology. The team got together during the Masters to create an Interactive Graphic Novel developed for iPad.

Reading through the novel, the comic style reading is complemented by the audio and interactive elements that Hola Mariquita have integrated and it certainly augments the experience adding context, or setting mood for individual scenes. While I’ll leave review of the literary content to people more qualified than me, the audio and visually enhanced, interactive format shows great potential and we look forward to seeing where they can take this. Certainly one area that came to mind after reading the novel, where this type of interactive format could be very advantageous in the future would be in encouraging children to read by engaging them in the story.

Little Details is available now in both the iOS App Store and in the Google Play Store. You can read more about the project on their website http://www.holamariquita.com/


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