Flyne is a new offline reader App from the creator of Twitter client Falcon Pro. It is available for free in the Play Store now but to unlock all the features you will need to complete two in-app purchases that will allow it to sync with your Twitter lists and a Feedly account.

The App itself has a very nice design. Articles are presented in full and you swipe between them magazine style. If you swipe from the edge of the right hand side of the screen a panel slides out with the list of the articles in whatever category you are in. The same is true for the left side. If you slide across from the edge you are presented with a list of your categories to choose from.

Without purchasing the two in-app options you are presented with a number of categories to choose from with each downloading about 30 articles to view at a time. Basically this is just to showcase the App and where the real functionality comes in is when you purchase the Twitter add on. This will then pull the articles from the links in Tweets and save them for reading after. The Tweets will need to be in a list you’ve created and for now there is only support for one Twitter account. This was a feature of Falcon Pro also but with it’s difficulties exceeding the Twitter token limit is not really an option anymore, or at least until the Dev comes up with a new way of keeping Twitter happy.

The two add ons will cost you around €2.20. It will really depend how much you use Twitter lists and Twitter in general for your news whether that’s a good price and of course whether you use Feedly or not.

The App has been experiencing some difficulties today, possibly due to the load on the servers form people trying it out so be patient if you install it and it’s not working fully. If the Dev’s history of updates with Falcon Pro is anything to go by we should see this App getting regular updates to fix bugs.


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