Careers start-up Abodoo has teamed up with Wexford County Council to map tech talent in the South-East Region.

The long-term aim of the mapping project is to entice employers to locate in North County Wexford by providing up-to-date statistics on the local population’s IT skills.

Abodoo is calling on IT professionals living in Co. Wexford and surrounding areas to register their details on the company’s website, before the end of January.

The company will then provide Wexford County Council with a report on the skills profile of the local population, and the Council will use this to engage with businesses seeking to expand or relocate.

Increasing Investment in the South-East

Announcing details of the partnership today, Vanessa Tierney, co-founder of Abodoo, said: “Wexford County Council is keen to promote the South-East region – and North Wexford, in particular – to businesses that are looking to expand or relocate staff. They know that, once businesses realise the wealth of tech talent in the area, they will be eager to invest and locate here.

“We are delighted the Council has decided to partner with us to capture data on local people’s skills and experience levels. As locals ourselves, we know there are thousands of people living in the South-East region who have long commutes to work each day, and who would much prefer to work remotely or from closer to home. We need IT professionals in the region to register on our site this month, so we have compelling data to present to employers about the benefits of relocating and offering flexible work options.”

To register with Abodoo, IT professionals – and anyone looking for remote or flexible career opportunities need to log on and enter their details, including their location and skills-set.

“We are very keen to stress that individual’s details will not be released at any time to third parties,” said Ms. Tierney. “All those who register remain anonymous unless they receive an offer of a role that matches what they are looking for from their career.

“The report we will provide to Wexford County Council will contain accumulated data on the type of IT skills local people have, but it will not divulge anyone’s personal details. The Council’s ultimate aim is to be able to approach employers and say we have X number of people living in the region with the exact type of skills your business needs.

“I think that Enterprise Ireland would be interested in seeing the report that Abodoo will deliver to the Council, given that they are actively encouraging inward investment in Ireland. I can imagine local authorities in other regions will also be eager to engage in similar partnerships to map local talent.”

Government Support

Wexford TD and Minister of State Michael D’Arcy welcomed the partnership between Abodoo and Wexford County Council.

“It will be incredibly valuable for the Council to have an up-to-date skills profile for the local population,” he said. “This will be a really important tool in attracting new employers to our region.

“I believe there is scope to replicate this project in other parts of the country. This project is all about inward investment and job creation in rural Ireland. As such, it is closely aligned to current government priorities.”


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