Have you “Gone Live” Yet?

It’s not a new phenomenon now.  We have been going “Live” on Facebook since August 5th, 2015 but only to verified pages and celebrities.  The rest of us only got this April 2016.  Since then other platforms have hopped on the band wagon and some have come and gone (Meerkat and Blab), whilst others have some how hung on! I personally feel this is because Facebook have either bought them or are probably going to in the next year or so (yes I am cynical).

So why is it important that we go Live?

With all the “Fake News” that we have to contend with these days, this is an authentic way to reach our audience.  They can see us in our best and worst moments, warts and all.  This can really help people understand what goes on in the background to make an event, a service or a product come to fruition.

We have been horribly spoilt over the last few years, as our lives get easier we assume everything must be easy.  We use washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers and give it no thought whatsoever.  Yet these incredible and now mostly affordable contraptions have completely revolutionised our time!  Nobody reading this will remember a time that women (normally) spent over weekends scrubbing, bleaching and soaking clothes.  Hours and hours were lost.  Small injuries and coloured knuckles and painful skin was a sign you had done some washing that weekend.  Now we slap it in the machine and a couple of hours later its ready to put away or fold or wear.

We feel the same way about TV shoes now.  We watch Game of Thrones, Sports and “reality tv” and think how impressive it is – yet countless hours of planning, painting, creating and scripting have been put in place.

When you go live you are giving your audience the story behind your story!

Reason 1

Build Better Understanding of What You Do

When you show your audience what you do to deliver your products or services and answer a need they have, it gives a far better insight then maybe your current Brand Name or Call to Action would.

Reason 2


This can take the shape of small freebies if it’s a product or free titbits of information if it’s a service.  By making it small, its cost effective.

You can mention in a “Live” event that people who make it to the Live shows can get a free or discounted ticket or item.  Only really handy if you schedule your events on Facebook or keep a mailing list or group/page apprised of your times!

Reason 3

Interviews with Movers and Shakers

It’s nice when you get some top notch people to interview of course but normally “Lives” on any platform is free, so it’s pretty unlikely.  However, if you can get people who are recognised in their field or maybe sponsors or team players then you can show something useful and passionate to your audience.

Reason 4

Sharing Latest Updates

If you have a big change or special offer to announce then going “Live” is one of the best ways to share it.  This way your fans can ask questions about it and / or help you celebrate it.

Free Methods of Going Live

Facebook Live

Instagram Live

Periscope (Twitter Live)

All of them are starter friendly so do explore each of them and see what suits you and your audience better.  Best of luck.

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