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Companies try every trick in the book to sell products and one of the main ploys they use is by packaging their items for sale in fancy packaging. They do this to try and add value to the product by making the product look better along with more expensive than it actually is.

Consumers are savvier than they used to be and many will now only buy products that are packed with eco-friendly materials. The amount of consumers that are willing to take this stand is still not close to the amounts needed to force companies to rethink their marketing strategy.

As the global warming and the world’s environmental problems escalate it will become essential that everything we do has the least amount of impact on the environment so that we can try to de-escalate the worldwide disaster. In this article, I will talk about the different kinds of eco-friendly shipping materials along with what we can do to help solve one of the biggest natural disasters of all time from happening.

Different Types Of Eco Shipping Packaging

Lightweight Packaging

One of the easiest ways to becoming more eco-friendly when shipping is by using less hazardous materials such as plastic. Companies who produce products that require plastic bottles such as water companies can use lightweight packaging by using less plastic when the bottles are being manufactured. Not only will this help the environment it will mean that it will reduce the company’s cost of production along with lowing shipping and transportation charges due to being more lightweight.

Recycled Material Packaging

In order for the planet to become sustainable, it is vital that we recycle everything that we can. By using recycled packaging material for production and shipping will enable a sustainable product. Materials such as recycled plastic, corrugated carton, steel, glass, and paperboard are all able to be used for recycling packaging.

Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

Over the last decade, there have been many technological advances in the field of biodegradable plastics. This is one of the worlds largest ecological disasters and the top scientists have been working to try to come up with a solution to this problem. Many advances have been made that enable decomposition of plastics so that they do not have the hugely damaging effects. By making the switch to these types of materials instead of plastic companies can have a major impact on the ecological disaster.


Recycled Post-Consumer Packaging

This type of recycled packing is what the consumer is able to recycle the contents of the product. Companies can do their part by labelling clearly what is and what is not recycled. By providing this information along with the best ways to recycle it can create the consumer awareness needed to help the world become more eco-friendly.

Natural Packaging

The natural packaging works by decomposing faster but having the required compostable required for product packaging. The best types of natural packaging have high strength, low absorption of water, zero additives, good compostability and no chemicals.


It is vital that we all taking into consideration the packaging of products we buy. If we can all take a stand against companies that are not acting eco-friendly we can force them to change by affecting their bottom lines by not buying the products. Also, remember you can do your part by using recycled material when you ship goods along with making sure you dispose of all your waste at a local recycling plant.


Prepared and edited by @EdinaZejniloivc, Journalism Student at DCU.

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