Recently I purchased the Logitech MX Performance mouse, you can read my review on the mouse itself here. Quite simply put, I love this mouse, it has been somewhat of a beautiful revelation. The Performance MX has been one of the leaders for some time now when it comes to a mouse and gains great reviews pretty much anywhere you look.

Logitech is stepping up their game now and have revealed a mouse which they say encompasses the best design and innovation in the industry to date. The Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse is “the new paradigm for precise, fast, comfortable computer navigation.

The mouse is designed for users who control a ‘complex’ environment. So if you run multiple screens with a whole load of windows and tabs (which is me all over) then this mouse is designed to control that high level of complexity when it comes to navigating around your setup.

The mouse’s shape supports your hand and wrist in a natural position making it easy to enjoy a fluid experience with its well­ positioned buttons and wheels.



The mouse is designed to fit perfectly in your hand and is sculpted to allow your wrist to sit in a natural position with all the buttons position in such a fashion that they are easy to reach and make adjustments to what you may be working on.

The mouse connects to your Mac or Windows machine by using the included Logitech Unifying Receiver, this allows you to pair the mouse with your device and you can pair with up to three devices at one time which allows you to have the flexibility of using it on your laptop, desktop or a tablet without having to modify the connectivity setup.

The mouse also incorporates the Darkfield sensor which the Performance MX uses and allows for tracking over pretty much any surface you can think of, I have even tested it on the leather couch at home and it worked a treat. The button setup can be customised using the Logitech software to assign a variety of functions to different buttons on the mouse.

The MX Master has a battery life of 40 days depending on your level of usage and a battery indicator on the mouse will alert you to when the battery level is getting low. Four minutes of charging will give a full day of use and you can use the MX Master while it is charging.

The MX Master will be launched this April 2015 with a recommended retail price of €103.99.

The Logitech Performance MX is a fantastic mouse and if the previews are anything to go by then the Master MX looks like it is building on the fantastic foundations that its predecessor have put in place. Having just got the Performance MX I will be sticking with that for some time, unless of course Logitech want to throw a Master MX my way…

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