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Twitter is teaming up with Foursquare to provide the ability of tagging specific locations to tweets via the official apps and the web. Twitter tweeted a little sneak preview of how it is going to work.

Previously, location services in Twitter worked by detecting your coordinates based on device sensors and what resulted more often than not was a broad generic description of where you were located. Now users will be able to tap the location button and get a list of Foursquare location suggestions so that users can specifically place their location.

Users can then press that location in their tweet and they will be taken to a timeline of tweets from the same location so they can see what is going on around them in that place both in the past and present. Location specific based tweets is an interesting move and could help users find out what is happening EXACTLY where they are located which in turn could have an effect on Twitter’s advertising options.

Twitter outlined the features and updates in detail on their support section of the Twitter website.

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