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Review of ‘It’s never about the money’ by Frank McCarthy, 2015

Frank McCarthy @FrankMcCarthyIR has had an interesting, successful and enjoyable career as an entrepreneur working mostly out of Dublin and London. In this book he is keen to share his stories of how he achieved success, and tips on what to avoid.

His book is short but enjoyable, focusing on the key experiences that helped him to achieve success in life. Speaking to Frank it’s clear that it’s something that he feels passionate about. The art of looking around you, looking at what the problem is, and not accepting received wisdom before contemplating your own possible solution to the problem / opportunity / challenge.


Several times Frank found himself in the position where older, more experienced coworkers were advising him against the actions he was considering. The thing is to be an entrepreneur often requires going against the consensus of your peers. For Frank, time and time again, this proved to be the right path to take.

The title of his book, ‘It’s never about the money’, matches his thought processes and the way he went about doing things. The book delivers a series of anecdotes where he describes the problem he encountered, and his curiosity and experimentation that led him to finding successful solutions to them. It is this interest in problem solving that drove him, the financial rewards that followed came as the result of solving the problems presented to him by other people.

Frank describes time and time again where other people said something wasn’t possible, and readily accepted the status quo. Frank believes that having an intelligent but illiterate mother helped him, as she was supportive of his actions without being prescriptive about what he should or should not be doing. Frank feels that currently parents are too heavily invested in the career paths their child should, or should not be following, rather than striking out towards what really interests them.

Time and time again, both in the book, and in chatting to Frank. He describes situations where he has been able to come in and deliver a winning solution to groups too entrenched in their existing way of thinking to consider alternative strategies.

We enjoyed reading the book, and chatting to Frank who was passionate and enthusiastically iconoclastic in his attempt to get people to look beyond the box they, or others may be trying to keep them in.

You can read more about Frank and buy the book here  and follow his informative and entertaining tweets here @FrankMcCarthyIR . He already has another book in the works, which we will be interested to read too.


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