Last Thursday Harvey Norman launched their Connected Home Show house at the 2015 Ideal Home Show in the RDS. The connected house showcased some great products that you can buy at Harvey Norman and it is also their vision for homes now and in the future. All of the products showcased work independently of each other, which means you, can slowly make your home a more connected one. By adding in smart products, when you want and also at prices that you can afford, you can have the perfect connected home that is customised for you and your needs.

Belkin, Nest, HP, Sonos, Sony, Neff, Samsung, and Kitchen Aid were some of the companies who had products in Harvey’s connected home show house and the ones that caught my eye are mentioned below.  One of the products that I feel in love with is one that can help us in our busy every day hectic lives. This product is the Samsung robot vacuum cleaner, which you can see below.

robot hoover

The hoover can be programmed where to hoover and its auto charge function means you don’t need to worry about it running out of power and stopping. When its battery gets low it automatically moves back to its docking station to recharge itself, before resuming cleaning. Considering its size it is also very powerful thanks to its unique digital inverter technology which creates up to 60 times more powerful suction.

Another product that I really liked was the Nest learning thermostat which you can see pictured below.

The Nest Learning Thermostat can keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Using it like a normal thermostat for a week will teach it how you like your home heated, and the Learning Thermostat creates a personalised schedule that is refined over time. The thermostat also uses built-in sensors to identify when the house is empty and turns down the temperature to save energy and also save you money. You can control the temperature from your mobile, tablet or laptop, so that you don’t return to a cold house.

To some people the centre of their home is their living room and the TV that you will find there. Harvey Norman have the latest Sony X85 65” 4K TV which is also a Smart Android TV. The X85 offers brilliant quality thanks to Sony’s new X1 processor and its 4K X-Reality Pro processor analyses, cleans and refines images with beautiful results. The X85 runs on the Android platform which gives you the personalisation, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone, on the big screen.

Another great product, which seamlessly fits into your home, is the new HP Pavilion Laptop. The HP Pavilion Notebook provides all of the benefits of a desktop in a sleek portable package. The laptop comes in a variety of colours and specs and also features Beats Audio. One of the main selling points of the laptop is that it has a touchscreen which can make it easier to use.
Tec DrThe Tec Dr trying out the HP Pavilion Laptop and you will also notice the Sony X85 TV running in the background.

When it comes to listening to your music or watching movies on your TV, you can’t go far wrong with the Sonos range of wireless speakers. Sonos have designed speakers and soundbars to match your budget. All of their speakers are wireless, which means you have no wires around your home and you can place them anywhere you want. They work via your WiFi connection and the Sonos app which you can download allows you to communicate from your computer, tablet, smartphone or iPod Touch.

When it to come’s to security, Belkin can help you with their NetCam WiFi Camera, which allows you to see what’s happening in your home from your iOS or Android device. If you need to check on your pets or the kids after school, NetCam has you covered.

Lastly the Samsung WiFi washing machine shows us the future of washing machines. The Samsung WWIOH9600EW/E allows you via its Smart Control feature and smartphone app to remotely control your washing machine. All of this is done via any WiFi connection you have in your home.

For further information on these and other connected home products please visit here.



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