How telling your coworkers how much you get paid can impact culture.

New York, NY, April 9 – Mish Guru, a tech start-up which provides storytelling software for Instagram and Snapchat, today shared the story of their open compensation culture to celebrate Equal Pay Day.

The video and opinion piece, written by VP of Operations Connor Archbold, outline how publishing employees’ salaries in an open spreadsheet impacted their culture. The spreadsheet also includes the CEO’s salary.

“I think on some level, being fair, consistent, open and transparent is just about being a good human being”, said Mish Guru CEO Thomas Harding.

“But I also think one of the really big benefits of it is that we actually get the most out of the people on our team because we remove a lot of the distraction and the noise that comes from questions that are quite taboo to ask.”

The video also addresses the gender pay gap in tech, and how being open about how employees are paid can make people feel happier, more valued, and more productive at work.

“There’s no second-guessing, ‘am I getting paid market rate?’ ‘should I have negotiated a little bit more?’ Especially as a woman, that starts to compound over the course of your career”, said Elizabeth Quinn-Woods, US Account Manager.


In the US, women still get paid 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. In the tech industry, the documentation of gender discrimination spans wider than just the pay gap. Equal Pay Day is about raising awareness of the gender pay gap and addressing ways it can be closed.

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