XtremePush, the iBeacon, push notifications and App engagement solution, has emerged as the winner of the 2014 Intellectual Property Awards in the category of Indigenous IP R&D. The IP Awards are Ireland’s most highly prized awards in Intellectual Property, recognising and celebrating those involved in IP development.

Outdoors, GPS is the standard. However, indoors, GPS does not work. XtremePush’s indoor proximity solution which overcomes this problem, works through either iBeacon or WIFI. App developers can easily install a package to their App so the App can be contextually aware of it’s location relevant to a beacon or WIFI router within a range of half a meter to 70 meters. This breakthrough is the result of two years of development through an innovation partnership with Clarity, the Centre for Sensor Web Technologies, Dublin City University, Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland and XtremePush. It has developed from a proof of concept to a commercial technology over the last 24 months by Dr. Kevin Collins, CTO of XtremePush.

A number of commercial real time location solutions exist but they typically attempt to replicate GPS indoors, requiring the installation of expensive custom hardware solutions. In contrast the XtremePush proximity solution works with any modern mobile device and requires no custom hardware or tags.
The XtremePush solution means an app can now easily, and economically, analyse, target and engage with a higher level of relevancy and accuracy than before.

Tommy Kearns, CEO of XtremePush said “With Apple’s release of iBeacon technology it has bolstered our proximity solution to make it easier and economical for apps to engage in-doors or in a highly localized and contextual relevant manner. Our mobile engagement platform is completely compatible with iBeacon and WIFI technology and we are delighted to be recognized by the IP Awards for our innovation in this area. The opportunity for brands to learn, analyse, engage and retarget their users presents a new vista for consumer insights.

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