Reep Rewards have launched a new version of their App which now includes features that show consumers where they can avail of special offers on goods from across the retail sector.

The App still includes its original features which allows customers to earn rewards, including cash, by snapping a photo of their shopping receipt from participating stores such as Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Super Valu, Aldi, Spar, Mace, Zara, Home Store, Gap, Clarks, Currys and Woodies.

Using your device’s location the new Reep Rewards App can show special offers from your local stores or you can manually enter your location when you first load the App, if you have location services disabled.

The “Offers” section of the App is filtered into subcategories for easier navigation. “New Offers” & “Hot Offers” are fairly self explanatory while “Stores” lists the retailers and the amount of savings or offers available from each.

Also in the Offers section is “My List” which, you may have guessed, allows you to add items to a shopping list. Items can also be marked as favourites which will result in the App notifying you about offers or updates to do with them.

I think most people will find an offer that is appealing to them within the App. All of the main supermarkets are there and a selection of other well known stores. In an age where people are doing parts of their shopping in multiple stores rather than one ‘main’ shop of the week, being able to view all these offers in one place should be a real benefit. Equally of benefit of course will be the fact you can then scan your receipt after your shopping to earn more from the App.

The new Reep Rewards App is available on iOS at present but an Android version is in development and will be coming soon. All of the new features are available on their website and you can download the App from the following link.

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