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The like button has been around on Facebook for a long time now, in fact the ability to like things on Facebook has now become more of a statement on the social network than ever before. With Facebook clearly recognising the shift to the mobile arena, especially on social networks, they have now officially launched the mobile like button.

It was previewed back in April at the F8 developers conference however now it is really a ‘thing’ and has been opened up to both iOS and Android developers. It gives users a way to easily and instantly share content to their news feed from within apps.

The mobile like button can be used to like content itself or to share an achievement in one of your favourite mobile games you are playing. Facebook says that the like and share buttons are viewed over 10 million websites per day however mobile technology has not had the finesse to keep up with mobile apps.

Here is how the mobile like button is going to appear:

via TechCrunch

When tapped you are quickly switched to the Facebook app and shown a confirmation dialogue. Once you deal with the confirmation dialogue box you are popped back into where you left the original app. Facebook is turning its head to the mobile arena to try and make an impact and what better way to make an impact than to have your logo plastered all over the place?!

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