What is your background briefly?
I have a background in the world of IPOs and have successfully launched numerous publicly quoted companies on the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. I am now bringing this wealth of experience to bear on the new crypto economy.

How did you pivot into Blockchain – what was the lightbulb moment?

I am a shareholder in a financial marketing business. One of our clients asked for advice on marketing their ICO. We immediately recognized a close fit with our skillset and capabilities in terms of digital marketing and corporate finance.

Give us a one-minute outline on how your career has developed in the space.

We started by advising blockchain projects regarding private sales. This quickly evolved into offering a full service advisory and implementation package covering all aspects of delivering a successful TGE.

From your experience of IPOs, what advice would you offer projects raising funds in such a difficult market?

Be extremely well prepared. Everything from the WP through the Pitch Deck must be letter perfect but more importantly ensure that you have a clear and early route to revenue generation and customer traction. Investors in this market are not impressed by ideas. What they want to see is a capable and proven team with the ability to execute their business plan and scale rapidly

What financial mechanisms do you find most innovative – both those coming from the world of traditional finance, and also new ideas that you see specifically in the token space?

Every project requires different solutions. From convertible notes to SAFE’s, SAFT’s and other types of financings, the critical issue is to construct a tailored plan that fits the client’s needs. Sometimes it’s as simple as a straightforward equity offer or TGE. What matters is finding the right investors and closing on a timely basis.

What excited you the most to cause you to get involved with the presale.market project?

Fraser’s enthusiasm is infectious. This is a truly needed project that deserves to be hugely successful. Existing rating and funding platforms are opaque and do not inspire trust. PM starts from a fully transparent premise. This is a very attractive value proposition.

How can people find out more about you & your work?

I am currently CEO of ICO Direct Ltd . We are London based although I split my time between London and Mallorca.

How can people contact you?

My email address is [email protected] Telegram: @timder

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