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You likely fall into the majority of people in the world that have some sort of social media profile… According to data, as of 2017, 81 percent of people in the United States alone has a social media profile. Studies also show that teens alone spend 30 percent of the nine hours spent each day online on social platforms.

So, it is no mystery that social media campaigns play a vital role in the overall marketing strategy of most companies. Going social is perhaps one of the most effective routes to connecting with your audience. And, quite possibly, the best thing that can happen to your business – simply create and deliver an effective business message and you can instantly have access to millions of visitors.

But, just because you share a blog post on your Facebook page or upload a picture on Instagram, does not necessarily mean you are getting the point across. So, how do you accurately measure if a social media campaign is effective or not?

Check fan engagement.

The number of fans you have can attest to how effective your overall marketing is, but a more accurate measure of how effective your social media campaign is can be obtained via the numbers of fans actively engaged…

How many people have shared the post?

How many people have liked the post?

The number of people who have reacted to the post can be an indication of your success:

It’s simple – the more fans who engage with your brand, the more people have clearly seen it and the more people will likely see it, the more interest they will generate, and in the end, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Monitor the type of engagement.

Read the comments!

What are people saying?

What do they like? What do they dislike?

The comments can be a direct insight as to what you might be doing right or wrong, and your clients offer it to you free of charge!

Take advantage of the insight offered to you by client’s comments and posts regarding your campaign efforts – it is one of the few glimpses you get directly into the eyes of a client.

Monitor traffic to your site.

The primary goal of just about any social media marketing campaign is to direct customers to their site, with the hopes of them making a purchase. This is typically where the beauty of hyperlinks comes in, but are they actually clicking it?

Monitor your statistics to see how much traffic has stemmed from your social media platforms. Make note of any increase during or since you have intensified your social media campaigns.

Tip: An effective social media marketing campaign can generate lots of unusual traffic to your site – make sure your site is prepared to handle it all. Who likes to click on a link only to find out the site has crashed?

What do your conversions look like?

Like we mentioned above, the ultimate goal is to intrigue the client to make a purchase – starting with directing them to your site. Or, your call to action could be geared toward something else.

Regardless of whatever your final goal is, do your conversion rates reflect success in reaching it during the time or following your social media marketing campaign?

Bonus: Tips for Success

Just to help you start off strong so you have good results to see when you go to measure your effectiveness, follow these tips for success:

  1. Don’t be a one-person show: Avoid only sticking to one social media platform. Use several social media platforms, 3 or 4 even. The more sites you are present on, the more exposure you are likely to get.
  2. Know your audience: Effectively reaching your audience starts with knowing who you are trying to reach. What do they like? What platform do they use the most?
  3. Use the tools: Social media platforms offer a variety of tools to increase engagement – such as surveys on Facebook. Use them to your advantage.
  4. Make it worth their time: Give them a reason to pay attention to what you are doing. Rather it is a giveaway or a discount, or another plan you construct, make it well worth it for them. Picture them always asking: “Well, what’s in it for me?”

In Summary

You’ve probably heard the saying…

“The proof is in the pudding.”

Well, in the topic of the effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns, it really is.

The numbers don’t lie, so they key is to monitor what is and is not working.

If you don’t notice a success, you might have chosen the wrong platform or just be generating the wrong content.

However, the key to success is knowing what works and what doesn’t.

What is your favorite social media outlet to use for a social media marketing campaign? Let us know in the comments.

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