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Interesting guest post by Jessica Watson, she has been writing for websites, articles and blogs for two years now, main focus is Technology, Smartphone and Finance. Currently, working with a client phonecase.pk who offers variety of all Smartphone cases and accessories across all cities of Pakistan.

WhatsApp is getting trendier day by day. People are more attracted towards WhatsApp as it is very easy to use and one can easily transfer pictures and can have video calls on it.

Now WhatsApp can be used as an important marketing tool for business. WhatsApp is available in an app one can easily download in android as well as in ios. The android smart phones are easily available with all of its mobile accessories in Pakistan. We can easily shop easily from any mobile shop.


On WhatsApp people are easily attracted towards it as it’s a unique app in which interaction with each other is very easy. Mostly people prefer private conversation on it as they feel more comfortable.

But to make group interaction you can easily make a group and can chat in it for hours. Also now the chat of WhatsApp is most secured one as its secured with one to one encryption now. In a WhatsApp group you can add your friends, relatives and all other members who are interested to chat. At one time more than one member can text in that group and can talk like a family.


On WhatsApp people can easily upload pictures of themselves family and friends. Likewise a business oriented person who wants to market his product can upload the display picture so that his product could be marketed and people can remain updated to his product.


Creating events is now very common. You just need to create an event and so avoid messaging privately to everyone. So it looks trendier that you only create event and send an invitation to all of your friends on WhatsApp and ask them to accept it. In this way a person can easily promote their product and after that can update all the details of that product or event in that group. It is a time saving process and every person can also get information about all the things


Mostly people are clumsy and do not check their mail boxes all the time but they remain online all time with WhatsApp. Therefore to send and check messages is very easy. Just type all the text message you feel that would be attractive and can boost more attention of people and send to one on one communication with every person.


Communication plays an important key role in the advertisement of any product. With the written updates people ALSO like to speak on calls with their clients in order to satisfy them which is not easy by just sending a text message. Audio and video call is the latest feature of WhatsApp where you can have audio as well video call anytime for hours. And it’s totally free of cost to speak over the phone for a long time.


A few months ago WhatsApp launched a totally new feature that is present in all the updated versions of WhatsApp which is WhatsApp status. The foremost advantage of this is that this updating of status is in the form of images. You can easily market your product and show it to people by just simply updating the images as many as you want on WhatsApp status. But one thing that is to be noted by all users is that this status disappears after every 24 hours. And then again you can upload another status. AN important feature which is also there in this status is that you can easily check that who checked your updated status and who not. This is an interesting feature in WhatsApp status.

Now just pick up your smartphone at once and check whether you WhatsApp have all these features or not. And if they are not there then quickly update the WhatsApp so you can also enjoy these exciting new features of it.

But if you are not having any smartphone then do not be depressed as smartphones with a lot of varieties are easily available in Pakistan. You can ask for the price of any android smartphone from your friends by simply texting them on WhatsApp or you can join any group which gives a lot of information to you regarding smartphones.

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