Events are essential for getting people together to network, share ideas and learn. I run a lot of events for SMEs and Women, but I have noticed that some big events don’t use social media to their full advantage.

So here are my top tips on how to create a buzz around your event before, during and after!


Create the hashtag you want to use. Keep it simple and attention grabbing. If this trends, people on Twitter will see it, so they will click to see what it’s all about.

Ask others who aren’t attending the event to join in and keep an eye on what is happening. Encourage them to say hi.

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Use an app like Tweetbeam to show tweets from your hashtag on a big screen at the event. Tell people attending the event to use your hashtag. Tweetbeam selects every tweet that uses that particular hashtag and shows them to the audience.

I love Tweetbeam as it shows everyone’s avatar (your face or logo) every time they tweet. So it encourages people to take part who are attending as they want to see their tweet on the big screen! Encourage attendees to comment on speakers, post selfies or photos too.

The more tweets you get, the more interaction and engagement you get. People might spot someone on the screen who they know from Twitter and arrange to meet them for a cuppa! So it also encourages networking at your event.

Also the more tweets you get using the hashtag, the more chance your event has of trending! What does this mean? This means that people will see what is trending in Ireland, and click into it to have a nosey.
It will increase your following and get you in front of thousands who aren’t actually at your event. You can be guaranteed that when you have your next event, they will sign up for it if the tweets are interesting and engaging.

wex biz awards

Last Friday’s Wexford Business Awards where we got the event’s hashtag trending number 1 in the country!


Thank people after your event. Engage with those who tweeted positive tweets and thank them for participating. Follow anyone who used the hashtag. These are your future attendees for your next event. If people tweet who weren’t at the event, thank them too for taking part and encourage them to sign up to your newsletter for news about your next event etc.

Are there any possible leads? Favorite any tweets that look like they might need some answers to questions. Can you help them by connecting them with certain people or doing an introduction?

Engage with anyone who participated and helped to create a buzz around your event. Keep in touch with them. RT some of them too to give them a boost.

Select a ‘Selfie of the day’ or ‘Tweet of the day’ and offer them a small prize. This will keep the momentum going after the actual event itself.

If you would like help organising your event, selling extra tickets or getting your event trending, contact me or one of my team from the links below.

We can create a buzz and get your event the attention it deserves!

Samantha is passionate about assisting others to get on and use Twitter. She regularly runs Twitter workshops around the country to help people achieve this. The next workshop will be held in Dublin and booking details can be found here

To find out more about the Tweeting Goddess and the various services she offers, visit  or email [email protected]

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