With all the hype surrounding the WWDC keynote each year you can be forgiven for forgetting things, or sometimes there are features coming that Apple simply does not touch on during the keynote and you find out about them afterwards. Here is 10 things that you may have missed or that Apple didn’t address during the keynote on Monday.

1. Siri won’t talk in silent mode

Sometimes you want to use Siri but you don’t want the proactive assistant to reply, well now there will be an option to disable Siri replying when your device is in silent mode. Siri will only use text responses with this setting applied which could be useful in different settings.

2. Low power mode

Low power mode was mentioned during the keynote however not in any real detail. When your battery is running critically low you can enable the low power mode setting, this changes Mail from push to fetch and disables background app refresh, motion effects and animated wallpapers. Apple say that this will get you up to an extra three hours of battery life from your device.

3. Switching from Android just got easier

Along with the Music app that Apple is creating for Android this year they are also creating a Move app for people who want to switch from Android to iOS. The app will move contacts, message history, camera roll, bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpapers and DRM-free songs or books you downloaded to Android. It will then take note of apps on your android device and offer them as a suggested download from the App Store on your iPhone. You can recycle your Android device for free at any Apple Store when you are finished with it.

4. Passcodes are now six digits long (if you want them to be)

Apple has a new emphasis on security, previously you could set a four digit passcode which is 10,000 different combinations. Having a six digit passcode allows for 1 million different combinations. Apple is also placing an emphasis on two-factor authentication in iOS 9 and highlighting the efforts they are making to keep your device secure. At the moment you can still use four digit pass codes if you wish however we are not sure if that will still be an option when the software launches to the public later this year.

5. Granular control over phone calls and texts

Don’t want calls on your iPad? Don’t want texts appearing on a Mac you use for work? Now you will have granular control and will be able to decide what you receive on which devices.

6. A ruler tool for drawing straight lines in notes

If you watched the keynote you would have seen Apple talking about Notes, one note in particular had a pretty nice drawing plan. Wondering how they got those lines so straight? Well it is not because they are great at drawing on iPhones (even though they probably are) but there is a ruler tool in the Notes app so you can draw straight lines too.

7. Apple fixes our shift key problems…just not how we expected them to…

The shift key has been a point of frustration for many iOS users who have called for the graphic to be changed on the key to clearly point out if you have selected shift or not. Well Apple has not done that, instead they have altered the entire keyboard to display lowercase when shift is not selected and then change to uppercase when shift is selected. It certainly fixes the shift key problems we were having before but if it is not for you then you can revert to how it was before.

8. A new font for iOS

Apple is also replacing the font in iOS, they are ditching the Helvetica font and replacing it with the San Francisco font found on the Apple Watch. The font is said to increase readability, Helvetica was introduced in iOS 7 however in my own experience on the iOS 9 beta so far the San Francisco font is much easier to read and look at.

9. Slimmer iPhone Apps For Older Devices

If you have an older device which does not have as much available storage space then you understand the pain of trying to fit apps, music, photos are more on it. You have to delete old apps so you can download new ones that you want. Well iOS 9 will now have slimmer apps to take up less space on older devices. So if you have an older device that does not support NFC then iOS 9 will not download the NFC components of the app as they are not required thus making the app slimmer and take up less space.

10. iOS 9 will track reproductive health?

The iOS 9 HealthKit will be adding support to track data such as menstruation, ovulation, sexual activity, cervical mucus and body temperature. The fist thought that will no doubt spring to many minds is that tracking this kind of data is a bit…creepy? Well data like this can also be important for couples trying to have children. They won’t be used by everyone of course however it is nice to see Apple giving the option to record data like this to people who need or want it.

So much more than 10 things too!

There is a lot of neat little features built into iOS 9 when you start to look at it. Of course iOS 9 is still a few months away from a public release so features can be added, changed or removed. So far however, it is looking like a nice little upgrade to iOS 8.

You can see Apple’s iOS 9 landing page here.


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