Streaming music is fantastic when we are connected to Wi-Fi but who wants to eat their way through the limited data plans that we have on a morning commute or when out for a walk or run? Streaming music over data? Just not practical unless you want to foot a gigantic bill for it. 

Apple did not mention anything regarding offline listening when they showed off the new Music features on Monday however it is essential for people who want to use such a service. Also, failure to include the ability to listen offline would put them at a major disadvantage in the industry against other streaming services like Spotify.

However, Re/code have spoken to Apple and it has been confirmed that users will be able to save music and videos from their streaming library to their devices for offline listening. Users will also be able to make playlists for the songs and other content they have saved for offline use.

Until the service launches on June 30th we are still on the fence on whether or not it will be a success and how it stacks up against other platforms. However, Apple has some big names on board, big names that know the industry and know what they are doing.

The competition should not be overly concerned yet, but they will no doubt be looking over their shoulder at what Apple is doing. With Apple streaming services being built into the default Music app on iOS devices, the convenience to use Apple’s service and ditch the likes of Spotify is definitely present.

With Android and Windows support to come later this year, Apple is clearly trying to pull in large numbers of streamers.


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