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Useful book by Wayne Denner @waynedenner, described in his twitter bio as: Dynamic Online Reputation Speaker. Helps Individuals, Businesses & Students make better choices Online. Reputation Evangelist. \Book Available | Aspiring Pilot


There are very good and important reasons for a book like this. Luckily it is also written in a chatty and informative style. This is a good idea as it’s ideal audience is probably from about 12 to 18. It makes sense to try and educate and inform these demographic, our kids, of the massive potential for good, but also harm from being excessively active and over sharing online.

The key idea the book aims to get across is to give more thought to what we post before we post it, because “once information goes online, it stays online and it’s difficult to near impossible to remove all trace of it.” p 115. 

It’s a very positive book, and tries to encourage young people to engage with the rapidly exploding range of social media tools in ways that help and inspire them, but without damaging them too. It’s a tough challenge, especially with the new live streaming apps for twitter emerging. As Wayne mentions many of these get released onto the app stores with no thought about maintaining children’s safety, or with the means for parents to control how they are used.

You can see more about what Wayne does on his website here

Wayne is hyper connected online, and has now also launched a video series on youtube too, with reviews and advice for parents looking to ensure their children are safe online.

You can find out more about getting Wayne to speak at your school here.


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