Without much fanfare, Google has finally removed one of our long standing gripes here and now allows people in Ireland to purchase hardware from the Google Play Store. For now, there are two devices available, the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7 priced from €349 and €229 respectively.

For many years the lack of ability for Irish consumers to buy hardware straight from Google has made it either very difficult or very expensive to buy Nexus branded devices. Most recently with the Nexus 5 which has become a very popular device here, the only options that were available to people was to either get one shipped from the UK or to buy one from Three which carried an excessive premium.

Nexus 5 Play Store

What made things even more infuriating was that if you did manage to order a device from the UK Play Store, it was shipped from a Dublin address!

Thankfully we should all have easy access to Nexus devices from here on in. The only notable absentee is the Chromecast which still requires you to take the UK route should you want one. The Nexus 10 tablet is also missing but as it is about to be replaced and out of stock in a lot of countries that most likely explains its absence.

To check out the the device end of the Play Store go to the following link

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