For some time before the iPhone 5C was unveiled, the world’s media predicted that Apple was working on a “cheap” iPhone. When the 5C did launch, Apple told us the C stood for colour. They weren’t lying. There was plenty of colour but iPhone 5C was priced far too closely to the iPhone 5S for what people expected and that has had a negative impact on the overall opinion of the device.

Many suggest that the 5C is a failure and will highlight the fact Apple has decided to release a cheaper version as adding credence to the argument. Placing an 8GB memory chip into the the phone instead of a 16GB unit probably saves Apple about $1 but will result in the new phone’s RRP being about €50 lower.

iPhone 5c

Failure for Apple is measured completely differently to just about every other company. If you’re in business to sell apples, you plan to sell 100 a day but only sell 1, that’s a failure. If on the other hand your business is the complete fruit shop, you add a new fruit to the shelves, plan to sell 100 but only sell 50, that’s not a failure it’s just an annoyance that most likely can be resolved with some tweaking.

Unlike a lot of manufacturers, Apple have always been quite good at releasing devices here quickly after launch. If they are not available on the initial launch date, they are usually available on the next date when Apple opens the product up to extra markets.

The fact the new 5C is not available here yet, I imagine, is simply down to supply. As it is a new device there probably just hasn’t been enough manufactured yet to have the device available in all markets to begin with. With that in mind I’d say it’s only a matter of time before the device goes on sale here with a likely price tag of €549, SIM free.

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