Three have become the first network in Ireland to list the Nexus 5. It is available from free on Bill Pay and for €439 on Pre Pay. You can check out their website on this link for more details or read on below for other purchasing options. 

Update 2: The Nexus 5 is now available in Ireland through the Google Play Store for €349. You can check out this link for more details. 


The Nexus 5 has proved to be an extremely popular phone. The high end specs and low price were always going to be a winning combination. Sadly Ireland has been left out in the cold for gaining access to buy one from either the Google Play Store or from any of the networks.

So what are your options if you really want one? Unfortunately they are quite limited. There are a few popping up on sites such as Adverts.ie but they are usually sold quickly and in some cases for a lot more than what people paid for them initially. Beyond that you are looking at buying from an online source, mostly in the UK and getting it shipped here.

Here’s the best deals we have found so far:

1. CarPhoneWarehouse UK



If you can take a trip up the North or can organise for the phone to be delivered down to you, the CPW have the best value deal available at the moment. At £329 it is only a slightly higher price than what the phone originally went on sale for.

You can check out this link for more details. (Update: CPW have now reduced the Nexus 5 to £289 £240 which works out about €290. Excellent value for a phone like this. )

2. Amazon.co.uk


Amazon is the next cheapest option available at the moment. Thy are also offering free shipping to Ireland at present.

Currently the 16GB Black model is retailing for £370.85 and with the free shipping that means the total price is €459.70

You can check out this link for more details.

3. Clove.co.uk



Clove are currently offering the 16GB version for £399 plus shipping. We’ve noticed the price jump around a lot on this site, probably due to supply and demand but as demand is up now, so is the price. Worth keeping an eye on though as prices will drop as the buzz wears off.

You can check out this link for more details.

4. Expansys.ie

expansys logo_1

Expansys have only recently got stock of the device and we have always found them to be on the expensive side of things with initial listings. The phone is currently selling for €489.99 plus shipping.

You can check out this link for more details.

At its current price it is still cheaper than the vast majority of phones available with similar specs. Hopefully we’ll also see the price fall soon when demand dies down. If you see the phone available for less somewhere else be sure to let us know in the comments.





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