Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be tough, especially for us Geeks. Here’s a handy guide to share with your friends and family, to make sure your Christmas morning is a happy one!

For the Gamer Geeks


KnotrolFreek: GamerPack Classic

For the FPS (first person shooter) player, these controller accessories are a must-have. They attach to any PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 controller and provide extra grip and support for such games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo.


Turtle Beach Gaming Headset

For an epic gamer headset look no further than Turtle Beach. Surround sound audio, pristine fidelity, wireless functionality, and precision customization come together to create a product that completes your high definition gaming experience and puts you a step up on the standard headset competition. Check the link above for a handy guide to choosing the right headset for your Gamer.


The Art of Assassins Creed Unity

While the launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity was rife with controversy due to bugs, everyone agrees that it is a visually stunning experience. This hardcover book of the artwork from Assassin’s Creed Unity is a great stocking filler for the Gamer who enjoys art.

TV / movie fans


Back to the Future Almanac 1985-2015

The Back To The Future collector’s guide for merchandise supporting the trilogy, BTTF: The Ride, the Animated Series, comics & beyond.


Harry Potter Remote Control Wand

The power to change the channel with a flick of the wrist! A whole new reason to fight over the remote at Christmas.

Roku 3

Stream movies, TV shows, sports, and more to any HDTV. The Roku 3 has over 200,000 movies and TV episodes; plus music, news, sports and more.

Gadget Addicts


Aura: the wirelessly powered Christmas lights

This is currently on Kickstarter so you won’t have it by this Christmas, but it is worth a look for Christmas 2015. Smartphone controlled energy efficient LED lights, that are wirelessly powered.



Dogs love playing fetch, humans hate throwing the same ball around for hours. The solution? iFetch! iFetch is an interactive, on demand ball launcher that provides fun for dogs and owners together.


Re Camera by HTC

RE is a remarkable little camera, that lets you focus on the moment and not on a viewfinder. It’s a handheld camera that is designed to be used with one hand. Check out more info from our HTC showcase review:

For the Kids


6 in 1 Super Solar Recycler Science Kit

This kit combined with unused objects around the house, gives kids (and kids at heart) a fun robot building experience. Turn your old CD’s into a speedy race car, make a used bottle into a flying bird or convert an empty can into the ultimate drumming robot.



For the budding developers out there, this is perfect. It’s an app controlled sphere that you can program to turn your living room into a video game with augmented reality, or upgrade family game night with multiplayer fun. Sphero teaches kids the basics of programming, and comes with tons of apps.


Lego Technic: Hot Rod

Could not talk kid tech without mentioning Lego Technic. A safe, fun way to introduce children to mechanical engineering.

For the Techie that has everything


POP Desk Phone

Remember desk phones? This gadget connects through the earphone jack of your phone to turn your smartphone retro.


Star Wars Death Star Ceramic Cookie Jar

What more can I say, it’s the Death Star and it contains cookies. The Dark Side never tasted so good.


AquaNotes Waterproof Paper and Pencil

We all know that the best ideas come to us in the shower. With the AquaNotes waterproof paper and pencil, you’ll never forget another million euro idea!


Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality is something everyone wants to experience, and Google have provided a way for us to do it. Google Cardboard can be built for free by downloading the template, or you can buy a ready built version from many retailers.

Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed anything!

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