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It has been an eventful year and social media users have taken full advantage posting their opinions on what is happening in the world via their social media channels. Twitter has highlighted the most memorable moments on it’s #YearInReview website so that you can now see what happened and how it unfolded as the year went by.

There is a lot to explore in just 140 characters from Garth Brooks making his Twitter debut to the Winter Olympic games in Sochi and of course the star studded selfie at the Oscars in March.

You will also see things like the World Cup action in May, the loss of flight MH17 in the Ukraine and the global mourning for the late Robin Williams. Twitter has also added a ‘Perspectives’ section to the website. This encapsulates major influencers favourite moments of the past year as well as five ‘must follow’ Twitter accounts.

You can see what JK Rowling, Aaron Paul, Lady Gaga and others shared and enjoyed through the year 2014. The site is live right now, so head on over and check it out for yourself.


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