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Review of Falling in Love with Your Job

How is the book going?  

When I talk to people about my book, it triggers all kinds of reactions, from enthusiasm to cynicism. Some people want to start working with it right away, others love the idea of improving their job satisfaction but are too scared or lethargic to consider any change.  And then there are people who challenge me whether anybody ever really loves their job; or why they should love it anyway.  This always triggers great conversations.

Any areas you’d write more / less on if there was a 2nd edition?

I am not planning to write much more about career coaching as it was only ever meant to be the first step in my wider Masterful Living® approach.  My next book will probably go much deeper into self-management in all areas of life generally: promoting a better understanding of how we function individually and helping us to grow as human beings.

What does “Masterful Living® “ mean?

Masterful Living®  is the name I have given the umbrella methodology which underlies all my work as a coach.  It has three basic parts: Understanding that you are the master of your life, creating a master plan for your life and learning how to manage your emotions and behaviours more effectively to create better life outcomes.

What made you leave your well-paid job and reinvent yourself as a personal coach

I became a lawyer because I had no clue what else to do when I was young. It seemed a sensible choice and indeed served me well for a long time. Yet, there came a point at which I felt burned out by a job that not longer inspired me.  There were lots of warning signs in my life that told me something was wrong, but it took a two year long serious health crisis to shake me up and re-connect me to a passion that I can trace back to my teenage years: personal development.

 You’ve started the interview series on YouTube. What are your plans for this?

I started my YouTube Show “Changing Careers” because so many people I speak to lack a vision for a life in a different career.  Some ask me whether any of my clients ever choose to do something fundamentally different from what they were doing before.  In my show I interview people who have done exactly that.  If people like it, I will continue filming until I have a wide and diverse spectrum of authentic case studies that show the many options we have for creating a career we love.

Who else will you be interviewing?

Coming up next is a GP who became a TV doctor in Jeremy Kyle’s “Emergency Room” show, and who is now creating a brand as “The Sex Doctor”. After this, I have a marketing consultant who set up an online membership club, a project manager who created a street food business and another marketing consultant who became a nutritionist.

Who else would you like to interview on your show?

Since I already have a lot of interviews with people who set up their own business, I am now particularly interested in guests who changed their profession but stayed in employment. I would also love to have more women on the show.

Re our comments on creating the job you love, how do you think this will play out over the next 2 to 5 years?

 I believe that we will benefit from a wider range of working models with more flexibility in terms of how and when we work.  Yet, to be perfectly honest, macro trends only mildly interest me.  Rather than looking into the future and guessing social developments, I look at the client in front of me and ask how this specific person can improve their career at this specific time in their life.  That’s all that counts for me and what I am best at.

Many jobs may become automated, how do you suggest people future proof their future working career?

I do not believe that there is such thing as a future proof job. The best we can do is to be flexible, adaptable and continuously learn and grow. Not just in our career, but in all areas of life.  It’s not only a great survival technique, it also ensures that our life remains stimulating and exciting.

What’s your next project after the book and YouTube show?

I always have far more projects on my mind than I can pursue. The next definite project is a new workshop that I will launch in May in London. It will have the same name as my book and take attendees though its main exercises. I believe that we learn more effectively if we set aside dedicate time, put ourselves in a stimulating environment and connect to like-minded people who will hold us accountable for our success.  My workshop is designed to provide all of this.

What are your personal goals in life?

I am on the same Masterful Living® journey as my clients.  There is a lot more that I want to understand about myself and human behaviour in general.  I will continue to learn, experiment and adapt my way of living.  At the moment, my enthusiasm for my work has led to a bit of an unbalance in my life. It’s time to follow my own advice and bring more rest and fun into my life.  I am about to tackle this by going on holiday this month!

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