As SXSW (South by South West) is started in Austin, Texas, last Friday Irish Tech News are doing two themed SXSW podcasts with two Irish Tech startups who will be there.

In our second SXSW themed podcast, I talk to Helix Works co-founders Nimesh Chandra and Sachin Chalapati just before they headed off to SXSW to pitch at it. Helix Works is in the IndieBio EU program run by SOSV and they focus on DNA data storage as they are a DNA factory that synthesises DNA. Nimesh and Sachin talk about the help they got from Enterprise Ireland and the local enterprise office in Cork and IndieBio program they are involved. Nimesh and Sachin also talk about how they ended up going to SXSW and what the future holds for Helix Works including being able to store a terabyte on a USB stick.

Earlier today Helix Works were named the event’s most innovative company at SXSW and they have showcased Irish innovation at it’s best.

Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be publishing two more podcasts recorded live for Irish Tech News by Kevin Kline.

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