By @SimonCocking. Review of Falling in Love with Your Job: How to create more excitement and fulfilment in your career, by Hans Schumann available to buy from Amazon here.

How do you feel when your alarm rings on a Monday morning?  Do you press the snooze button and curse the cruelty of life? Life is too short to waste it in a job you do not enjoy.

“Falling in Love with your Job” gives inspiration and a wide range of practical exercises that will help you to either fall in love with your current job or create a new career that brings you more fulfilment and excitement. Amongst others you will explore what matters to you most in life, create an inspiring personal mission statement, change your perception of your work life and manage yourself more effectively.

This book fits into a recent trend that we’ve been seeing across quite a few books that we have reviewed, including Jan Muhlfeit’s book ‘The Positive Leader‘, where the concept of work is being questioned and re-evaluated. This book aims to help you by taking you through the process of assessing if you are in the right job. Schumann himself, went though some serious life challenges that brought him to the point of re-evaluating his own work patterns and what was appropriate for him. In this way the book may be a great help to many. At the same time, within the context of the wider #futureofwork debate, I did wonder if the title is perhaps more representative of the ‘now’ of surviving your job, rather than a future, where you do not have to learn how to love your job => because in the future it is quite possible that we will have more control of working on what we want to. The whole move towards a gig economy of us working on what we love, rather than having to love the job we have.

It may be a subtle difference, and this book is a useful contribution to the changing landscape that is work in the 21st Century. His recent addition of youtube interviews with people who have changed careers is also interesting, and perhaps an implicit recognition that to really love your job, perhaps you need to go it alone and create your own job?

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