Yesterday we revealed how Google and Twitter were working together in response to Facebook’s Instant Article project, however Google and Twitter plan on making their tools open source which should lead to much faster adoption for publishers and content creators. Facebook has the problem where the project is down to them selecting who they feel deserves the opportunity to use the Instant Article tools.

Well, almost in response to Google and Twitter moving on their own project, Facebook has now announced they are expanding the Instant Article programme and more people will be able to see Instant Articles on their News Feed along with more publishers having access to the Instant Articles tools.

One of the new publishers to come on board is the Washington Post who has stated that they are going to start running every single article on Facebook via Instant Articles. That means you could read the entire Washington Post without ever having to leave the Facebook app and we all know by now how Facebook likes that idea.

Facebook says they have up to nine publishers so far who have been publishing “hundreds” of articles using the Instant Articles tool however the number has been left up to the discretion of each publisher.

Delivering News is becoming a big thing, publishers have content hosted on the popular Flipboard app, Apple have just launched iOS 9 which contains Apple News, Google and Twitter are working on an open source project which is being pitched as a direct response to Facebook and Snapchat has the Discover tools in their app.

People are now getting into how their news is presented to them, how it looks and how they read it. As a result there are several big names now all competing in the same space to be the service which delivers the best news content. Twitter beats them hands down when it comes to delivering breaking news but who will win the war on what format is the best for presenting stories?

Facebook says that there has been a high level of engagement on Instant Articles so far however that is to be expected when the article loads instantly before you have the chance to abandon it.

The new partners that Facebook have signed onto the Instant Article project are as follows: The Huffington Post, Mashable, MTV, Daily Mail, Business Insider, Hearst, MLB, Complex, Bleacher Report, MoviePilot, Vox Media, Mic, Gannett, Time Inc., Refinery 29, Bustle, The Dodo, CBS Interactive, IJ Review, NBA and The Blaze.

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