You have more than likely heard that Facebook is working on a “dislike” or an “empathise” button at the moment and that testing will start soon on a select group of users. However, it is not yet a reality and scammers are trying to cash in on people’s impatience as the feature has been requested for a long time now.

We don’t know what form this so called “dislike button” is going to take, we don’t know when it will appear or how Facebook will choose to roll it out to users. What we do know is that there are several scams now going around on Facebook which offers users the promise of instant access to the unreleased feature.

There are a variety of different scams in place encouraging users to “Download the official DISLIKE button now.” It is of course a fake scam. One of the more typical routes that scammers take in instances like this is to offer the feature to users if they fill out a questionnaire first.

What happens is that in order for this to take place you need to install an app and give it access to your Facebook profile, this is nothing out of the ordinary and more than likely we have all installed apps and granted permissions at some point on our profiles. However the scam app then posts a message informing your friends that you have just installed the official dislike button and others are encouraged to do the same.

This means that a scammer with a malicious app has access to your profile and data and before you realise it is too late. Scammers look to jump on the latest craze so remember, as of yet there is no dislike button. Any app or site that says they can give it to you is lying and when Facebook decides to roll it out you can 100% bet that this is not the way they will do it anyway.

Stay well clear if you see anything like this pop up on your Facebook News Feed.

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