Live streaming has becoming more and more popular over the past number of months since the introduction of apps like Meerkat and Periscope. Combined, these apps have seen more than 580,000 broadcasts and 190,000 users along with 5 billion impressions. 

The apps do have notable differences, Periscope is owned by Twitter and the app experience feels more rounded off and complete in comparison to Meerkat. However, both apps are great tools to add to the social media arsenal that businesses are building up. People love being able to see live content as it unfolds and companies are taking advantage, you can stream product launches, live Q&A sessions, products demos and more.

I noticed someone mention around the launch time of Periscope that the app was basically the live streaming version of Chatroulette. However to write off an app so early is always a dangerous thing to do. Periscope ironed out the issues quickly and live streaming is gaining big strides.

With both apps arriving on the scene so close together, businesses are still trying to figure out which is best for them. Not to worry though, Salesforce have come up with a fantastic infographic which puts the two apps side by side. Check it out below.

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