Facebook is redesigning the way iOS users share content from third party apps using the built in iOS share sheet. The company has shown off a new feature which makes it easier for people to control what they are sharing and who they are sharing updates with.

Share sheets are a feature of iOS which allow users to share content they find in third party apps back to a different application such as Facebook or Twitter. Share sheets were introduced some time ago however the functionality has never really been all that great, it has been basic when sharing content.

The new share extension adds more power to sharing and gives users more options to select from when sharing content from another app.

The new feature started rolling out to developers on Wednesday and makes sharing from a third party app feel more like sharing on Facebook itself. You can tag friends, decide whether to share posts publicly or privately and you can see a full preview of what you are sharing before hitting that post button. All of these options have been available on the old share sheet however they were not as easily accessible and Facebook friendly as they are in the new update.

Facebook users shared more than 50 billion pieces of content from third party apps in the last year alone, so making the process more feature friendly and easier to use is a logical move.

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