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My Octopus The intelligent multi-tool with Ai edge-computing. Completely opensource – Create the home of your dreams. Attending  ALPHA

Describe the company – the elevator pitch

With MyOctopus, we are building a creative smart-home multi-tool, which users can customise at any level, from application to hardware. At Team Octopus, the user is at the heart of our design. By this, we mean that we are thinking about people, every step of the way. Every home, every lifestyle is unique; we are creating a smart home that will be personal to each home and user.

From day one, the on-board AI and sensors collect a wealth of data about your home and how you use it. As MyOctopus ‘learns’ its environment, it will manage your home’s devices based on your lifestyle patterns and your preferences. You can view and manage gathered data through the dashboard and even learn quite a lot about your own habits, and about your home.

The self-learning capabilities of the AI will allow MyOctopus to be the ‘brains of your home’, managing your data, devices, schedules, and even your diet (if you so wish!).A quick example: MyOctopus can change music and lights as you move around the house, and adjust this depending on the time of day.

How are you different?

MyOctopus is the only fully open-source smart-home device on the market. Open hardware and software gives people the flexibility to create a smart home that fits their lives; this is different.

  • The muti-tool approach is also unique: we are giving people the opportunity to solve problems and create solutions for scenarios that we can’t yet conceive of!
  • We are also the only smart-home solution with an on-board AI with edge-computing capabilities within the home cloud. This means that all computing and data storage can stay on the device. This offers greater data protection, control and security to our users.
  • It is also the only smart-home solution offering an embedded IDE within the dashboard, which will allow our users to easily design their own apps and contribute to our online open-source community.

Why will the company / product do well?

Our initial research has shown that people like connected devices and smart homes – they want the ability to control or view things while away or at work, they want convenience and time saving benefits, energy and utility cost savings, and the reassurance of complete home security. The smart home market is projected to grow rapidly.

As makers, DIY lovers and open-source collaborators ourselves, we have noticed that there is an increasing desire for more flexible DIY focused smart devices and homes. People want more control, more flexibility, more understanding and information about their devices. They want their smart homes and devices to fit them, to mesh seamlessly with their lives. This is why MyOctopus is flexible on so many levels – it can work any sort of home or living space – old houses, new builds, mobile or modular housing, even a single room (although we aren’t sure yet about bottom bunks!). You just need electricity – it comes with a full range of on-board sensors, it is connection friendly, and can even read data from ‘dumb’ devices. We are sure that our product will do very well, because we are catering to growing, active movements and communities, which we ourselves are involved in

Where are you based? How long will you stay there?

We are based in Dublin, and intend to keep Dublin as our main centre of operations. The broadband is grand. 😉

When was the company launched?

MyOctopus was founded in April 2015, LTD Sept 21st 2015. We are still building MyOctopus and are actively seeking funding. We are measuring our growth by the indicators of community and web-presence at the moment.

What have been your biggest wins to date?



We have recently partnered with DesignCore, Carlow IT to work on elements of MyOctopus design and innovation. We feel that their human-centred design ethos fit’s well with our design concept of ‘a human-centred house’. We received a warm and enthusiastic response from the DesignCORE team . We look forward to working with them.

We are delighted to be showcasing MyOctopus at Websummit 2015 on Nov 2-4th. This 5th global tech gathering will be the biggest one yet, bringing startups, investors, tech giants, journalists and leading lights of the tech industry together for a week of talks, discussions,workshops, events and some night time revelry. There will be over 30.000 attendees, 500 world-renowned speakers, 10 stages, 2,000 startups, 200+ satellite events, 1,000 experienced investors, and 800 of the best tech journalists. It promises to be the best one yet! You will find us at booth M145 in the Startup Village on Wed 4th Nov.- Be sure to come over and say ‘hi’ – We will make you feel at home!

You can also catch us at a Maker Faires and other Maker events here in Ireland. Keep an eye our website and Twitter for details.

What type of people are you trying to attract?

Our layered customizability means that people who want an out of the box smart-home without too much configuration can be up and running in a few simple steps. However, as open-source lovers and makers ourselves, we are designing with these communities in mind. We are trying to attract creative global citizens, tech-literate and tech-curious users; we are thinking about all you makers, software developers, home tinkerers and software fiddlers out there!

To us, the open-source and maker communities are the leading edge of innovation today – creative, motivated people freely dedicating their time and energy to projects they feel passionate about; projects that change peoples lives and the world. We want to support this, to be involved, to involve people. This is why we are building intermeshed communities around the maker / parts part of our business, and also around an AppStore for software apps.

We will be offering special perks and offers to early members – follow us on Twitter or sign up to our mailing list to get in on the action.:)

Tell us about your team

MyOctopus was conceived and founded by Larry (Wawrzyniec) Wawro and Sylwester Hyzynski during a hill walk in the Dublin Mountains. Both Larry (CEO) and Sylwester (CTO) are founders in other companies ( and 7thGlobe resp.) and are joined by Mihai Paun (Product Architect) and Emma Dowling (CMO). Team Octopus is passionate, dedicated and multi-skilled with backgrounds in software, electronics and even archaeology. It is an amazing core-team which consistently pulls together and creates wonders, turning obstacles into opportunities and assets. We are also supported by some dedicated open source helpers who are contributing some amazing work – a shout out to @wrobell who has implemented the MyOctopus OS for us. Similar to most early stage startups, we are putting in most of our free time and energy to build our vision, a creative smart-home multi tool, so that our users can build the smart, connected home of their dreams, their way.

What are you long term plans for your product / company?

We will launch our maker parts-shop early next year, (when MyOctopus rev.1 will be complete) selling sensors, level shifters and other parts to the maker community. These parts are not restricted to the MyOctopus smart home device, but can be used in many projects. Mid 2016, MyOctopus rev. 2 will be ready, which is when we will launch our crowdfunding campaign. The AppStore and embedded IDE will be available soon after this. By the end of next year, we will have our first complete MyOctopus smart home device ready for the market. During this time, we will continue to build our online communities.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

We like all smart, connected devices. Intel Edison of course; Smart watches are a favourite of our CEO Larry. Some others we like: logic analysers, streaming wireless ear-buds, sleep devices, PetCube, beacons, smart bulbs – the list is endless; we are gadget junkies 😉

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

A MyOctopus smart home to manage daily life and all our devices, so we have more time to devote to creating a better smart home and community!

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Being a startup, getting involved in the startup community locally and globally has been wonderful; we have met so many amazing and inspiring people; There is so much encouragement and positive support out there. Startup Ireland Gathering was a great boost for our team, we attended many events, including the launch in Google Foundry and the Galway Startup Weekend. It is wonderful to see such a thriving, rich, growing ecosystem here in Ireland.

How do people get in touch with you?

[email protected]

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or @SimonCocking

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