Facebook is changing notifications in a big way. Notifications let you know about all of the endless social interactions going on relevant to your Facebook page. It is an endless stream of annoying game requests, birthdays reminders, comments and likes. The notification tab is long overdue an upgrade, well now it is getting one and it basically transforms the notification screen into their version of Google Now.

Notifications will now be more of a card based system which will give you not just your notifications but information on anything and everything that could be going on around you based on your location. The cards introduce a host of new widgets too such as sport scores, where to eat and what is on TV tonight.

Of course for all this to work you will also need to have location settings enabled on your device for Facebook. In a blog post on Facebook, the team explained what kind of location aware cards will be available to users.

  • Local and community events which are popular in your city
  • Weather updates such as current conditions and severe weather alerts
  • Movies playing in a cinema near you
  • Nearby places to eat with links to Facebook pages and reviews

Facebook’s trending news section is also present, previously the trends were hidden in search but now they will have their own card in the new notification tab.

Users will also no longer have to put up with that annoying “red badge” notification anymore (unless of course you still want the annoying red badge) as each card will have its own notification settings.

The new notification tab is rolling out gradually to iOS and Android users starting with those who are based in the U.S. (sorry Windows Phone users)

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