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Facebook has launched its first ever TV ads in the UK which form part of a larger advertising plan that will see Facebook plastered over billboards in the UK and will explain how the service helps build friendships. The TV ads are more brand focused than anything else and they focus on friendships while mentioning typical Facebook vernacular such as “friend request.”

Each of the three ads on offer follows the story of different friendships and the voiceover is provided by a British narrator. Here are the three ads that you are going to start seeing on British TV stations.

The outdoor billboards are also on display now in various locations across the UK and features a tick with the word “Friends” overlayed on images of people spending time with friends.

With most advertising campaigns there is always a clear agenda, most of the time a company wants you to buy something. However with these Facebook ads the aim is not really all that clear with so many of us actually using Facebook itself.

In fact the aim of the ad campaign feels like it is mainly perhaps just encouraging people to be thankful for Facebook.

It is the first Facebook ad campaign to take place outside of the US, it might be new for this side of the pond however ads like these are just a taste of what our American friends have had to endure for some time now.

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