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Twitter could get a “substantial” redesign to its homepage for 2015 with more changes on the way. Twitter is my preferred social network, however they know just like the rest of us know that there are going to have to be big changes in order to get more users in and to keep on to the users which they already have.

TechCrunch published an interview recently with Twitter VP Kevin Weil and VP of Engineering Alex Roetter on the changes that could be coming in 2015. There are hints that a big redesign is on the way. However this shouldn’t really come as much of a shock if you have been listening to Dick Costolo over the past year.

The Twitter CEO has been saying for some time now that he wants the Twitter design to be changed so that it easier to use, especially for new users. Some tweaks have been made such as giving a focus on helping people find new users to follow, however the big design overhaul that Facebook used to do on an annual basis has not yet happened on Twitter.

Twitter has been previewing a new homepage with a grid view, right now there is a simple timeline of Twitter activity. The interview with TechCrunch says that Twitter wants to change that. A new proposed homepage design could sort users and activity into a grid and leave space for photo and video which is clearly a large part of what Twitter is pushing.

The interview also says that “Work is getting underway to change the way Twitter looks and works substantially in 2015.”

It will be interesting to see what Twitter has in store, it may not be for everyone and as always we tend to be creatures who dislike change. However, it is clear that Twitter is going to change in 2015, Twitter has to change in 2015 and make no mistake that they won’t mind running the risk of losing a few users if it means that they can gain many more.

You can read the TechCrunch interview here.

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