Eventbrite has cut its fees for all tickets and registrations sold in Ireland. The new fees are effective immediately and apply to all tickets and registrations.

Eventbrite now charges 2% Eventbrite Payment Processing Fee (down from 3.5%), plus 2.5% Eventbrite Service Fee and €0.75 per ticket sold. The total Eventbrite Service Fee is now capped at €9.95 per ticket.

Charities and not-for-profit organisations can benefit from even lower fees of 2% Eventbrite Payment Processing Fee, plus 2% Eventbrite Service Fee plus €0.75 per ticket sold. The total Eventbrite Service Fee for charities is now capped at €5.95 per ticket.

“Since we opened an office in Dublin last year, Eventbrite has enabled thousands of Irish event organisers to spend less time handling ticket sales and to focus on running fantastic events instead – like Pieta House’s Darkness into Light Runs or The Shannon Air Display”, says Marino Fresch, Eventbrite’s Country Manager for Ireland. “We’re confident that our even more affordable pricing gives Irish event organisers an added incentive to use Eventbrite to stay in control of their ticket sales.”

Eventbrite’s service remains free for free events. The company’s full service is available to organisers of free events for no charge. Organisers only pay fees when they sell paid tickets. 

Find more details on Eventbrite’s new pricing structure at eventbrite.ie/fees/

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