Drones have seen a surge in consumer interest and industry investment over the past number of years. Companies such as Facebook, DHL, Amazon and Google have invested heavily in drone technology and investment in 2014 to the nascent drone industry topped €96M across 29 deals.

The biggest players in drone technology will be speaking at a conference this week which is taking place in the Knockranny House Hotel in Westport Co. Mayo on Friday 6th November. It is the second year that the conference is being held in Ireland and some of the speakers are among the best in the drone technology field.

Andy Cox – Andy is the lead engineer of the Facebook UAV team and is responsible for Facebook’s internetorg plane.

Ben Marcus – Ben is the CEO of AIRMAP and is helping to make an unmanned aircraft or drone part of every day life by building the foundations for the low-attitude air navigation system of the future.

Primal Kopardekar – Primal is the NASA principal investigator of NASA’s NextGen airspace project PK. He manages NASA’s air traffic related research and the R&D portfolio.

David Maloney – David is the CTO and founder of Movidius which is the leading vision processor company and has just announced that it raised $40M in new funding, the largest venture capital raised in Irish history.

Romeo Durscher – Director at DJI which was founded in 2006 and manufactures commercial and recreational UAVs and drones.

Ernest Earon – Co-founder of Precision Hawk which is an autonomous UAV performing low altitude arial data collection, management and analysis.

Statewatch has reported that the EU have spend €315M on drone technology and that Ireland can position itself as the best country in Europe to test new technology and utilise new trends in the storage of data.

Drones are growing in commercial industries with new companies and businesses being founded now that are making the most of drone technology for all different kinds of uses such as arial photography, construction surveys and more.

Question marks are still hanging over the recreational use of drones, just yesterday it was announced that drone owners in the U.S. will soon lay down rules which legally require all drone owners to register their device with the government.

You can visit the Drones, Data X conference and buy tickets at the link below.


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