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We spoke with Judy Boniface from Mailjet, who are attending this year’s Web Summit.

Your background, how did you get into what you do now?

For more than a decade, I have toggled between the roles of marketing strategist, technology enthusiast, management consultant and social entrepreneur. While I spent the majority of my earlier career in San Francisco, where I received my MBA at UC Berkeley, my work has also taken me to Asia, Sub-saharan Africa and the EU. When I finally landed at Mailjet, I was instantly drawn to the infectious energy and audacious goals of the company and the people. I now lead a team of 15 responsible for Mailjet’s global branding, marketing operations, PR and communications and product marketing efforts.

1 minute pitch, what do you do and why is it awesome?

Based in Europe, Mailjet is an email service solution that provides maximum insight and deliverability results for both marketing and transactional emails in one platform. Our web application and intelligent APIs offer the flexibility to create, send and optimise email for all. Take for example Passport, our responsive email builder. Senders of all experience levels, professional designers as well as first-time marketers can leverage its intuitive user experience to create beautiful email, quickly. Our SMTP infrastructure and APIs on the other hand, are fast, flexible and scalable. Our goal at Mailjet is to make email as easy and pain free as possible for our customers with  high deliverability globally and analytics tools for deeper insights.

What are you excited by at the moment?

We have been growing a ton over the last few months! It’s really exciting to see new faces in our Paris, London, New York and Berlin offices to help us accelerate our product and business growth. We’ll be opening up even more  offices in 2016 to serve our customers in various regions. We are actively recruiting top talent – looking to build our team  to over 100 employees next year. If you’re interested in joining the Mailjet crew and piloting email tools to success, check out our open positions here.

Any of these that will help in your day to day work also / what sort innovations are you looking to introduce?

Mailjet is committed to providing the best solution for small and medium enterprises to send all kinds of email with just one platform. We are really excited about releasing a new set of product features in the coming months to make it even easier for our customers to engage with their email recipients in the best possible way. Stay tuned!

How was the last 12 months for you?

Since our selection to the The Web Summit 2014 START program as one of the fast-growing start-ups last year, we have achieved many exciting milestones: the launch of Passport, a new tool for designing beautiful, responsive email; a Series B funding round of 10 million euros and hitting the record of 1 billion emails sent through our platform each month.

Where do you hope to be in next 1 – 3 years?

We are really focused on international growth at the moment, more particularly solidifying our leadership position in Europe. Coming from a start-up background, we look forward to continuing our support for early-stage companies worldwide in scaling their business through our all-in-one email platform. On the other hand, we also want to be close to our enterprise customers to provide top-notch service on top of our custom solutions. While we currently serve customers from 150 countries, the next few years will be key in expanding Mailjet’s footprint in Europe.

Have you been to the Dublin Web Summit before?

Yes – we will be a returnee to the START program this year and we are sending our star players from our Paris, London, New York and Berlin offices to connect with fellow tech companies and movers and shakers from around the world. Having last year’s experience , and the guidelines from “How to Crack the Web Summit 2015” eBook from Simon Cocking under our belt, we look forward to tackling the event this year!

What will you be speaking about when you attend this year / who might it appeal to?

We’re looking forward to meeting with potential customers, partners and anyone who is interested in Mailjet’s product and services. We’re excited to share more about how our upcoming products will enhance our all-in-one email platform, making it even easier for businesses of all sizes to deliver better email to the inbox. The Web Summit is a great place to learn more about the latest trend in tech, what the other fast-growing start-ups are up to and what innovative products we should develop to address their pain-points with email.   

What tech do you wish was already invented and available to make your life easier?

My team is spread across four different countries – which makes collaboration across timezones a bit more complicated. We use Slack to communicate, collaborate on projects and share a laugh with the many plug-ins. That said, I wish we can teleport people around the globe because no matter how great an app, nothing beats an in-person pow-wow!

Anything else we should have asked you / you’d like to add?

Q4 is the busiest season for marketers all over the world. It’s the time of year where consumers are more ready than ever to shop, to consume and engage with content. Every business wants a piece of the pie. Developing and executing a great holiday email campaign will not only have a significant impact on revenue generation but also on brand recognition. To learn more about how to conquer the inbox during this holiday season, you’ll have to check out our special gift for senders!

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