Doro has picked today to reveal details of its new companion app – My Doro Manager. This new app will launch in mid-October on Google Play. It is aimed specifically at the friends and families of Doro Liberto 820 users – so they can offer help and advice remotely, directly to Doro smartphones.

With pressure on everyone’s time rising it is not always feasible, or practically possible, to offer face time to show our relatives how to do things. Not all seniors are the same in their level of technical prowess and the adoption of new technologies needs patience, understanding and support to varying degrees. Doro believes its concept of ‘Advise NOT Patronise’ is a winning formula in driving the adoption of smartphones within the increasingly diverse senior segment.

The app will initially be available for Android devices from the Google Play Store, with an iOS version planned for release in early 2015. At launch the app will consist of two parts:

[li]1. An app for relatives to enable remote set up, device configuration, usage information and the sharing of content such as photos, contacts and suggestions for other apps.[/li]
[li] 2. An app for Doro users providing tutorials, recommendations and the ability to grant permissions to relatives. The user remains fully in control of access and can chose if they accept the recommendations of the people they know best.[/li]

Caroline Noublanche, VP Marketing & Portfolio at Doro, spoke of the launch: “My Doro Manager is our latest innovation and focuses on helping seniors do more and ultimately enjoy themselves with their mobiles. It offers peace-of-mind to families and friends as we can now easily assist our relatives remotely without feeling guilty for not physically being present.  For the senior themselves it means they receive support and suggestions directly into the palm of their hand from the people who know their tastes and habits best.

Doro chose today to reveal details of My Doro Manager to press – in celebration of the United Nations’ International Day of Older Persons. This annual day is a global call-to-action for us all to consider the achievements of older people and the issues that affect their daily lives.

Noublanche concluded: “For far too long people and companies have focused on the negative issues of ageing. Here at Doro we positively embrace age and create understanding features that clearly show the benefits of technology to a smarter generation.”

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