Artnouv is an online art gallery that provides you with “your art, your way”. They take commissions, paint reproductions of masterpieces and promote artists’ original works while aiming to make art more accessible and more affordable.
We spoke with Kritika Ashok to find out more about her company and the services that they offer.

Q1 Hi Kritika. Can you tell me about ArtNouv and what services you offer?

Artnouv is an online art gallery promoting your art, your way. We offer reasonably priced commissions, reproductions of famous pieces and original art by global artists.

Q2 Can you explain how the process works for consumers?

The consumer has two options:

Option 1: The consumer wants to commission a painting- they send us a photograph and we look after all the rest. We have a little to and froing with the customer so as to make the final painting something they love.

Option 2: The consumer buys one of the paintings we have for sale- some of these are painted to order and are therefore, available in different sizes.

Q3 What’s the average price people pay for commissioned work?

Prices depend on the details and the size. We start from €140 for single person/ pet/ object in size 12”*16”. Our average orders would be €200-220. The largest we ever did was 7 figures in a 48”*72” and that cost the customer €630.

Should a customer want us to photoshop images greatly before they can be painted, we charge an additional fees based on the requirement and offer the service at the same value it costs us to get a designer.

Q4 You have also created a marketplace for artists to sell their work. Can you tell us more about that?

A lot of the artists we initially started working with only did commissions and didn’t focus on their originals. Once they started building their collections, our established friendship meant it was a perfect symbiosis of talents- they do the art, we do the business and everyone gets to focus on what they are good at and what they enjoy.

Q5 What inspired you to create the company and can you tell us some more about the people behind it?

The whole philosophy of the company is to make art accessible to more people. We believe art is like wine- most of us don’t know how to choose art or wine for investment but we know what we like and if it something affordable to us, the decision to buy it becomes easy. However, to be able to choose exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it is what made us enter this market and start the company.

All the founders came from a business background with an interest in art and photography and wanted to build a business about art for those who don’t necessarily understand the intricacies of art.


Q6 Can you explain how you use technology to run your business?

Even though we are an art company and we sell only handpainted works, we are very dependant on technology. Our orders come through our online site and our communication with the customers and the artists is all through various telephonic and email systems! We are using technology to disrupt the way an industry currently reaches its audience.

Q7  You are busy preparing for Christmas at present. Can you explain what that involves for ArtNouv?

Fortunately for us, our orders for Christmas stop on Nov 15 to allow for timely deliveries and no quality loss. Our busiest period is actually end October and then again end November ensuring people are happy with their paintings before they leave the studios all over the world. So come Christmas, things are actually quite calm for us. Though the calm is shortlived as we start getting Valentines orders on Stephens Day (at least the last 2 years, hoping for a hattrick this year!).

Q8 What’s next for ArtNouv?

Good question!

Our current focus is building the Irish market and we have a few other ideas we are currently researching in the art market too so let’s see what comes up! We are in the process of designing a new offering at the moment and will let you know when it comes live- till then, gonna keep it under wraps! We are doing our first exhibition in conjunction with Ely Big Tasting on October 10 if you fancy combining art, cheese and wine.

Q9 What’s the best way for people to find out more?

We are all on the social media platforms- facebook, google plus, twitter, youtube, linkedin, pinterest and instagram. We are also on email and phone: +353 1 9696996 and if in Dublin, we can always join you for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Should any of our readers be interested, for the first time ever, some of Artnouv’s work can be seen in one place offline as they are collaborating with Ely Wine Bar to provide the art for their Big Wine Tasting in Ely CHQ on Oct 10

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