The 3rd annual Dublin DMX digital marketing conference organised by the Marketing Institute of Ireland took place in the Aviva Stadium. The conference is a must attend for those interested or working in digital marketing. Colin Lewis, who is the Marketing Institute of Ireland’s Content Programmer for DMX Dublin, put together a great program with two great keynote speakers Mike Volpe from Hubspot and John Straw author of iDisrupted. The list of speakers was also very impressive, including companies such as Accenture, Adobe, Facebook, Google, Independent News & Media, Spotify, Tesco, Twitter and YouTube.

They were divided into the following 4 areas
Cool Stuff is about digital ideas that are not yet in the mainstream.
Digital Innovation is about inspiring you to create or refine your digital strategies.
Digital Reinvention is about enabling you to find out how to prepare for a vastly different business environment based on digital technologies.
Customer Experience is where you can explore the trends, techniques and technologies that will help you deliver effective customer outcomes.

This left you at times with a dilemma of which speaker you would choose to see.

Mike Volpe from Hubspot got the ball rolling talking about Inbound Marketing declaring that 91% of consumers will unsubscribe from email lists and that 1% of cold calling works, the other 99% hate your guts.

Mike VolpeMike Volpe giving the opening keynote speech (Infomatique)

His 3 tips for content marketing are:

  • Persona – Focus on what your buyers want to consume
  • Media – You’re competing with other media for attention.
  • Quality – Highest quality wins the audience.

He then left us with a very interesting question. What would Oprah do?

Some of the speakers were inspiring and I was really impressed with Eamon Fitzgerald from Naked Wines. He was very impressive and mentioned how they used social media to increase their sales. According to Eamon one of the keys to good sales is to be open and transparent hence the name Naked Wines. Your customers have to be treated properly and a great example of how they treat their customers is shown in the photo below.

Naked Wines

A customer had a mix up with their order twice and one of the Naked Wines team said on their Facebook page that the customer should get a lorry load of wine as compensation. As you can see from the photo that is what the customer received, when Naked Wines decided to convert a case of wine into a lorry.

Eamon mentioned the following two facts that is staggering:
Last year 13 million bottles was sold to 250,000 customers.
Naked Wines 3.5 million online ratings on their wine whilst Tesco who are also the world’s largest wine buyer has only13,000 online ratings.

Fiona O Carroll from Independent News & Media gave a very informative talk about Mobile Touch Points. She mentioned that

52% of people are willing to see mobile advertising in order to gain access to free content.
38% of people think it would be great if mobile advertising could be tailored to their interests.
34% of people think its fine that companies advertise on smartphones in return for great apps, games etc.
We are in the age of experience.
We really need compelling story-telling.
Consumers are producers in this day.
This audience is willing to give us data if there is a value exchange.
Mobile video is absolutely exploding which is something Dennis Bree from Twitter also mentioned.

Dennis Bree from Twitter was also very engaging with his #moments matter talk. A very interesting fact that he mentioned was that half a billion tweets are sent globally every day. He also told us brands tell stories through moments that matter and that we are able to make sense of these stories by sharing our own moments. He then mentioned that mobile video is exploding and that a lot of companies are using it as a way to market and promote their products. The video by Budweiser below was made to be only seen online and it has already garnered 22,502,896 views in less than 6 months.

Marc Thomas from Taboola spoke about Native Advertising and Content Discovery on Mobile. He mentioned content that works well on mobile:

How too
Behind the scenes
Exclusive interviews
Authentic, funny

Articles & Blogs
Tips and tricks
Ordered lists
Industry secrets
Earned Media
Positive reviews

Pictures & slideshows
Food recipes
Fashion & style

Marc also mentioned that the buzzfeed type Top 10 lists are the best performing content online and that 2 out of every 3 people who share content do so having not read the content.

John Shaw a serial entrepreneur who recently published a book on disruptive technology called iDisrupted then closed the conference with a talk on Disrupted Marketing: Discover how to have a job in 10 years time! He spoke about technology changing jobs, mentioning 3D printers will change everything so we should hide our schematics and hide our patents. We love personalisation, but personalising the product is now possible with 3D printing. We love personalisation, but personalising the product One scary thing he spoke about was how Google may become our data as Google plan linking storage to the cerebral cortex. For any journalists at his talk he put a shudder down their spines when mentioning a Robot Journalist finds a job on Wallstreet. Their minds where then eased when told that the Robot Journalist needs financial data in numerical format to write its story and that their jobs are safe.

Colin Lewis & John StrawColin Lewis with John Straw giving the closing keynote speech (Infomatique)


Also any parents in the audience were told about the new KickStarter project CogniToys seen above, which is developing toys which can link to IBM’s Watson, via the cloud and adapt to the child that owns them, getting to know him/or her, share jokes and ask questions. This brings surveillance in to the mainstream in a very sneaky way.

A prediction that John made about Apples iPhone 7 due in 2016 could be a game changer. A 3D hologram display will be built into the phone and you will be able to move what the hologram display is showing on to walls to see it more clearly.

After a great day of Digital Marketing presentations and tips I look forward to see what will await us next year.

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