By @SimonCocking. A lot of exciting developments have happened in the world of drones since we last chatted with Romeo Durscher.

Mobile technologies have changed the way we see our world. Drone insights from Romeo Durscher, speaking at MoJo

DJI, one of the world’s leading maker of unmanned aerial vehicles, will conduct a workshop for first responders on integrating drones into search and rescue operations at the start of the Drones, Data X Conference in Dublin, Ireland. The workshop will be hosted by DJI dealer CopterShop Ireland and its managing director Damien Doyle, featuring presentations by DJI, the Irish Aviation Authority and search and rescue app developer DroneSAR.

DJI Director of Education Romeo Durscher will highlight initial findings that a drone can find a victim in a one square kilometer area in an average of 20 minutes, compared to two hours for a five-person rescue team. Research in conjunction with the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) and Ireland’s Donegal Mountain Search and Rescue team found that in addition to dramatically accelerating search times, drones can also take additional active steps to achieve a successful rescue.

“DJI and EENA have a rigorous research agenda to determine how drones can help search and rescue teams search for missing people. Providing an aerial view with a regular or thermal imaging camera is an obvious benefit, but it also creates new challenges that must be addressed,” said Durscher, who is also a keynote speaker at Drones, Data X. “New software and automated tasks can help solve emerging challenges such as using the technology, communicating findings to the incident commander and ground teams, and determining the best tactical approach.”

The workshop, open for all Irish first responder units, will be held at 11 am Thursday, Nov. 3 at the InterContinental Dublin. To book a seat at the Search and Rescue workshop, please go to

DJI is launching a formal partnership with Ireland-based DroneSAR to offer search and rescue drone/software packages that assist the drone operator with autonomous flight functionality. DroneSAR developed its app using DJI’s Software Development Kit (SDK) to coordinate search and rescue missions in remote areas, focusing on improving real-time networking techniques and crowd-sourcing capabilities.

Drones Data X conference returns to Ireland for 2016 edition

About DJI

DJI is a global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative drone and camera technology for commercial and recreational use. DJI was founded and is run by people with a passion for remote-controlled helicopters and experts in flight-control technology and camera stabilization. The company is dedicated to making aerial photography and filmmaking equipment and platforms more accessible, reliable and easier to use for creators and innovators around the world. DJI’s global operations currently span across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and its revolutionary products and solutions have been chosen by customers in over 100 countries for applications in filmmaking, construction, emergency response, agriculture, conservation and many other industries.

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About DroneSAR

DroneSAR, Irelands most exciting tech start-up, are revolutionizing the search and rescue industry with a new drone software that enables DJI drones with a range of rescue functions. The DroneSAR team comprises of Military flight instructors, an award winning app designer and a mountain rescue team leader. Together they have developed this ground breaking software which will reduce risk, save time and increase operational effectiveness of Rescue teams worldwide.

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About EENA

European Emergency Number Association (EENA) is a Brussels-based NGO set up in 1999 dedicated to promoting high-quality emergency services reached by the number 112 throughout the EU. EENA serves as a discussion platform for emergency services, public authorities, decision makers, researchers, associations and solution providers with a view to improving the emergency response in accordance with citizens’ requirements. EENA is also promoting the establishment of an efficient system for alerting citizens about imminent or developing emergencies. The EENA memberships include more than 1200 emergency services representatives from over 80 countries world-wide, 75 solution providers, 15 international associations/organisations, more than 200 Members of the European Parliament and more than 90 researchers. For more information, visit:

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