By @SimonCocking. Image from The CoptershopInterview with Damien Doyle from the Coptershop, First Official DJI Innovations Dealer in Ireland. They sell and build the full DJI range of Aerial Photography Flying Platforms and more, see here

What aspects of drones / uavs are you excited about?

What can be captured by the camera is the most amazing part of drones. You get to see the world from a different view. A drone with a camera can get to locations no helicopters can get to as you can see by this video.

What opportunities exist in the Dublin / Irish context?

Ireland will become the centre hub of the world for drone technology testing, agencies like the IAA are working with companies to allow them test and expand. In 2014 the first ever Drone Expo called the Drone,Data X was held in Ireland, it showed the Drone Industry what Ireland is open to new ideas and technology.

What can we expect to see coming in the next 6 – 18 months?

Guidance Systems for visual awareness will become a common feature on all drones soon, companies like DJI Innovations are introducing new technology like this as a standard features. Camera quality has improved so much that we don’t need an expensive camera in the air anymore, drones like the Phantom 3 now offer high quality video and still and low prices.

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