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I have 15,000 tweets and rising, I have been on Facebook as long as I can remember so you can bet that there is some pretty embarrassing stuff buried away in there. In fact everyone has something lurking on their social media profiles that they are embarrassed about and that they would not want to be unearthed.

The problem is with around 15,000 tweets, where do I begin to find some of the dumb stuff so that I could get rid of it? It is not an easy task to do alone and it would be great for my social media profiles to be clear from abusive or offensive content from the past so that potential future employers don’t see it.

Enter Clear (not to be confused with the to-do app of the same name) which promises to help you clear out your social media accounts and help you get rid of the offensive content. Unfortunately there is a waiting list for clear at the moment so I am still waiting to get my hands on it to try it out for myself however the app works in a pretty basic way.

You connect your social media profiles to Clear and after it analyses those accounts it will give you a score on how “clear” your social media profiles are. For example, this is Anthony from Techcrunch who was given a score of -381.2% clear.

via Techcrunch

It may sound pretty bad however the clear team says that the percentage scores are still a work in progress. What is interesting is that they app tries to pick up on more than just profanity (something I used quite a bit in my early social media days) but it is also trying to detect things like racial slurs, offensive comments regarding sexual orientation and even general sentiment.

You then have the option to decide what you want to delete if anything at all. Of course the app is work in progress however it gives people the option to find things they may have posted in the past that they would regret now and erase them for good.

Of course that won’t save you if someone finds the controversial material first and takes a screenshot however clear does look like a good way to streamline and find things to delete instead of having to trawl through the separate platforms from the start.

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