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Twitter has announced that all users will now have the ability to receive direct messages from any other user, provided you actually want to receive messages from any user.

This feature was actually available some time ago, fall of 2013, however it was only rolled out to a small subset of people. Twitter is now making the option available to all of its 288 million monthly active users and the feature is being gradually rolled out to people starting Monday.

Don’t panic though, it doesn’t mean that your Twitter DMs are going to start unexpectedly exploding or anything like that, the feature is opt in so in order to be able to receive messages from anyone you will have to go into your Twitter settings and enable “Receive direct messages from anyone” on the “Security and Privacy” page in the mobile app or online.

Up to this point direct messaging has been somewhat limited on Twitter, you have only been able to send messages to users who follow you and you could only receive messages from a user you followed. While this may not be a feature that will appeal to individual users so much there is definitely a space for a feature like this when it comes to dealing with companies on Twitter.

Too often I have seen a company ask a user to send them a DM to discuss an issue further and then that customer has to ask the company to follow them in order to actually send them a DM at all. This way companies will be able to allow users to send a DM as necessary without having to go through the whole follow process first.

Twitter wants to boost engagement on its platform and over the past few months they have introduced various different features from group messaging and video capability from inside the app itself in order to appeal to a larger market. The retweet feature has also been revamped to allow users to add more of a comment when retweet something on the network.

In a blog post from Twitter, they say that they have lots more in the works to improve Direct Messages on Twitter, so that the private side of Twitter is just as fulfilling as the public side. Personally I am hoping that one of those features is nested messages in the large group chats because in its current state it is not the most user friendly when the conversation starts flowing fast.

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