CWSI, the mobile IT integrator and leader in enterprise mobile security, has announced that the company is now partnering with Appthority, the leader in enterprise mobile app risk management.  This partnership will allow CWSI to deliver ground breaking capabilities that enable businesses to pursue mobile innovation effectively.

The partnership will ensure that Organisations can avail of CWSI’s managed solution for App Risk Management (ARM) which includes initial app estate audit and ongoing reporting on all apps within the enterprise. The service will also monitor the behaviour of new release updates for all Apps on both corporate and employee owned devices.

“Employee use of mobile apps is exploding across the enterprise, resulting in a dramatic increase in information security risks and company data,” explains Ronan Murphy, CEO of CWSI.  “With millions of mobile apps to choose from, and employees installing or updating hundreds of thousands of apps every day, it’s been impossible for IT mobility and security teams to keep up with potential threats, until now. We are also seeing data leakage via mainstream applications on employee devices which organizations are struggling with.”

Appthority solves this mobile app risk problem by enabling enterprise IT to automate the collection, analysis, and risk remediation of employee mobile apps that threaten company data and/or violate compliance policies for information security.  The CWSI/Appthority partnership will identify, expose and eliminate mobile app risk to the enterprise before it becomes a business-critical issue or crisis.

Organisations that struggle with resourcing an approved app catalogue now have a solution that can be easily managed on an ongoing basis, eliminating use of risky apps on a trust score scale where needed, saving resource time and mitigating risk.


“We are excited and honoured to be partnering with CWSI,” adds Pam Brodt, VP of Sales, Appthority.  “By automatically identifying risky behaviours in millions of mobile apps, enterprises can deploy their mobile programme knowing corporate data is safe.”

CWSI will deliver these solutions to the Government and Enterprise market in Ireland and provide them with the tools they need to innovate in a changing mobile environment.  “This partnership with Appthority forms part of our strategic programme to develop partnerships with world leading technology companies for the benefit of our clients,” concludes Ronan.

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