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Pattypets coming to Dublin to demonstrate their service for pet owners, we chatted with their founder Hemant Velury

1 minute pitch, what does PattyPets do?

We understand that pets are a part of the family. We connect Pet Owners with Pet Service Providers. We are the AirBnB for pets. Want a Dog Walker, a cat Sitter, a pet photographer, a vet – is the place to be. Its awesome because there is no one offering the range of services we do in the UK.

What are you excited by at the moment?

The sheer opportunity this presents to us and to be able to shake up & disrupt a market, which in our opinion has not been given the due it should get.

Any of these that will help in your day to day work also / what sort innovations are you looking to introduce?

We are very proud to say that we are the first company to integrate 4 different platforms into one:

1. Social Media
2. Local Discovery
3. SaaS
4 eCommerce

How was the last 12 months for you?

It was hectic to say the least. Started working on a Social Media project a year and a half back which didn’t take off the ground. One of us got the idea of the Pet Social Media and that’s when we started dong the research. We started building the Social Media from the remnants of the earlier project. We then realized that there are a lot of them going around. We then pivoted to add Local Discovery, then pivoted again to include SaaS and the last pivot to include a whole marketplace thereby completing the ecosystem for Pet Owners.

Research took away a lot of our time. The B.Plan, itself took another 4 months to complete and meanwhile we are currently integrating the SaaS system into our product. The eCommerce piece which will complete the puzzle should be integrated by the end of October.

What are you most happy about?

The uniqueness of our proposition and the fact that we have a first movers advantage, which we have to squeeze makes this very very exciting and thrilling.

Anything you would do differently if you could?

Not really – I think, we have seen a natural progression of the product.

Where do you hope to be in next 1 – 3 years?

In the next 3 years, Pattypets should be the name in providing superior valued-services in the Pet Ecosystem and be in a commanding position in the markets that we have decided to enter.

Have you been to the Dublin Web Summit before?

Not to the Dublin WebSummit. We have been to Rise in Hong Kong earlier this year and that has really helped us in making the decision to get o Dublin. We found incredible value at Rise and given that Dublin WebSummit has been a popular Startup Summit and has scaled significantly in the last 4 years, it makes sense for us to go. We agree that it has not been easy to raise funds for the Summit. We just believe the return on investment from Rise has been significant and its in its first year. Imagine the opportunities at WebSummit! It boggles the mind!

What will you be speaking about when you attend this year / who might it appeal to?

We will speak about Pattypets and I believe this will interest anybody who has a pet, not to mention a VC, simply because of the value that we aim to bring in the market and disrupt the existing setup.

What tech do you wish was already invented and available to make your life easier?

oh, my all time favorite: Teleportation. I believe that if something ca be a true disruptor it will be a teleporter. Imaging – No more traffic, no more flights, no more trains. having said that, I might miss the anticipation that a flight or a train could bring. Cant have the cake and eat it too.. Teleportation would be a true game changer in my opinion.

Life / work, online / offline, what are your strategies for managing it?

Its simple. I have a 2 year old daughter. I want her to remember me as someone who was around while she grew up. So I do whatever it takes for me to spend time with her. When I am with her, if I am on my mobile, she asks me to shut it and the mobile goes back into the pocket.

How / where do you create time for yourself to be a dreamer and a thinker?

Time cannot be created (or destroyed)! We just have to take the time out. Life is too short and we only live once, so might as well, make the best use of it.

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