With all the new devices having such great screens many of us like watching movies on our devices. That means ripping our dvd’s and converting them to a format we can watch.


There are many ways to do this. I use wondershare dvd ripper to convert my dvd movies to watch on my iPod touch. It is 39.95 USD but I’ve found that it’s worth it. It is for windows PC only but there’s also Handbrake for all OS’s which is 100% free although I’ve found it a little slow at processing.


If you have films already ripped but in the wrong format you can use VLC player or my personal favourite, any video converter free

Remember that ripping and converting uses up a lot of processing power, so if you’ve a slow machine it can take time (sometimes a couple of hours to rip a 2hr dvd film).


Other things you should consider are the settings you use to rip. What size picture (720hd or 1080hd) as the higher the quality the larger the file and the slower the conversion.

Remember if you’re storing these films for use on a variety of technology you may want to rip in full 1080hd to get the most out of it.

If you’re only ever going to watch them on a tiny screen then 720hd is a good compromise.


Get yourself a good external hard drive to store all those films and remember to back that up so you don’t lose all your hard work. I convert my films to mpeg4 format but there are plenty of other formats to consider.


Let us know what formats and/or programs you use to rip/convert your films. DO you watch films on your smartphone? Comments below or online @Irish_technews




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